I am working on a monograph, Roles and the Filtering of Reasons. This monograph offers a systematic account of how the rules and purposes of social institutions (such as legal systems, corporations, and governments) restructure the moral rights and responsibilities of role occupants (such as lawyers, managers, and public servants). Here is the first chapter. I am happy to share the other chapters on request.

My broader research is guided by two political attitudes: a respect for legitimate institutions and their rules, and a commitment to ideals that demand better than our current institutions. I view these attitudes as equally reasonable but in frequent tension with one another, and I believe we gain a richer conception of our social predicament by interrogating that tension. I have two articles in the works that explore each side of this tension: "How Demanding is Legitimacy?" and "Believing Another World Is Possible." You can read more about these projects here.

Gillian Brock and I were joint winners of the inaugural Amartya Sen Prize for essays on illicit financial flows. Read our entry, "Abusive Tax Avoidance and Responsibilities of Tax Professionals."

Below is a photograph I took in Iceland in 2021, on a trip that had nothing to do with my research.