At UWA in the second semester, I'm (co-)teaching:

PPHE1001 Liberty, Equality, and the Market

HUMR1001 Human Rights in Global Perspective

HUMR2001 Global and Environmental Justice

I've previously taught a range of courses in ethics, political philosophy, and social issues. Here are some samplings:

Introduction to Ethics

Introduction to Political Philosophy

Philosophy of Sexuality

Topics in Political Philosophy: Liberty, Equality, Solidarity!

Topics in Political Philosophy: Marxism, Critical Race Theory, and Radical Feminism

Seminar in Political Philosophy: The Value of Freedom

Seminar in Ethics: The Ethics of Roles

Seminar in Ethics: Recent Work on the Ethics of Capitalism

The Socrates Project (an experiential learning program for advanced undergraduates, involving research on a self-directed project and tutorial leading for introductory philosophy)

Here are samples of my lecture materials:

Aristotle (from Introduction to Ethics)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (from Introduction to Political Philosophy)

Martin Luther King, Jr. (from "Liberty, Equality, Solidarity!")

Consent (from Philosophy of Sexuality)

Photo: My hometown – Dunedin, New Zealand, 2023